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Get rewarded for a great recommendation.

When you recommend LightStream to your clients using a trackable link on your website, LightStream thanks you with 0.50% points for every funded dollar. That means if we fund a $100,000 loan for your client’s project, you’ll get paid $500 simply for directing them to apply through your link.
Here’s where to start:

  1. Sign-up through the affiliate link (this application is necessary to receive payment)
  2. Add the financing tracking links to your website
  3. Refer customers to your financing links by email, sales sheets, etc.


LightStream finances loans from $5,000 to $100,000.
There are no fees to the consumer or dealer, in fact, we’ll pay you!
Rates vary by loan amount, term, purpose and credit quality. See the ranges of rates at
No, LightStream is a direct-to-consumer lender. We deposit the funds directly into the consumer’s account, making them a cash customer.
No, the distribution of funds for the project is strictly between you and the consumer. LightStream does not get involved with payment distribution.
Your way of ensuring payment will be the same as any cash customer.

It’s LightStream’s brighter approach to money. We turn your customers into cash buyers and reward you for recommending an excellent financing experience. Additional questions? Email for more information.