How Long Can I Stay Inside a Hot Tub For?

What could be more satisfying than sitting in your hot tub enjoying a therapeutic jet massage? It’s true, your hot tub is great for your health. It offers multiple benefits from reducing stress to easing muscle pain to helping you sleep better at night.

That doesn’t mean you should overdo it though. Just like exercise, knowing what the right amount is for your body is important to achieving overall wellness. Soaking too long can also have some repercussions, including dehydration, dizziness and overheating.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your spa, let’s have a look at the factors you should be taking into consideration and how much time you should be spending inside your hot tub at once.


The heat of the water plays a huge role in how long you can safely soak. The maximum recommended heat of 104°F  is perfectly safe for healthy adults, but only for 20 minutes at a time.

If you want to soak longer, you’ll need to lower the water temperature. Most hot tub owners generally heat their spas between 100-102°F


Sweating is a healthy cooling function of the body and, the hotter your hot tub water, the more you’ll perspire.

If you don’t replenish your fluid levels, constant sweating and simply being in a hot environment can pose a risk to your health. Water is always your best line of defence. Simply get into the habit of taking a cool glass of water with you every time you hit the hot tub and sip frequently.


What could be more divine than sinking into the heated waters of your spa and enjoying a soothing massage? The buoyancy of the water can even make you feel weightless and ease the strain on your back and hips.

While soaking for half an hour may sound wonderful, unfortunately, it’s not safe. Medical experts recommend pregnant women soak for no more than 10 minutes at a maximum of 101°F. If you are pregnant, it is strongly recommended that you first speak with a medical professional to ensure that hot tub use is best for your health.


If you live with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, circulatory problems or take anticoagulant medication, don’t use your spa until you’ve spoken with your doctor.

That’s not to say you can’t use it at all. But you should find out what the ideal temperature and soak duration will be for you. Once you receive your doctor’s recommendation, it’s important to follow his or her advice.


If you’re healthy and aren’t pregnant, it’s safe to use your spa at 102°F for as long as you feel comfortable. There are a few exceptions to the rule, though: seniors and children.

Healthy seniors may well be able to enjoy long soaks in their hot tub at that temperature, but should consult their doctor first. It is never safe for children 12 and under, however, because they can’t cool their bodies down at the same rate adults or even teens can.

Kids between the ages of five and 12 should not go in a hot tub that’s above 98°F. If you want the water to be hotter for your own comfort, have your kids do partial immersion on your hot tub’s bench or jump seat.


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