6 Things to Prepare Before Your Hot Tub Delivery

You’ve placed the order and your new hot tub or outdoor swim spa will be arriving soon.

Now you can finally relax, right? We are afraid NOT! For a smooth arrival and installation, you need to get a couple of things ready in advance.

Today we will discuss the six things to prepare before the hot tub delivery.


You’ll want to make sure that you have the appropriate building permits (if necessary), and check into any installation requirements for hot tubs.

Especially for outdoor hot tubs and spas, your county regulations or HOA rules may require you to have a safety fence, lockable pool cover, or other security accessories.

Some hot tubs are designed for above-ground installation, while others need to be recessed into the ground. There may also be specific electrical requirements that need to be met.

So be sure to check with your local hot tub dealer to make sure you are in compliance and avoid any costly fines or delays.


While many of our hot tubs are easy to install, make sure you have the right experts for anything beyond your technical know-how.

Trying to install it by yourself if you don’t have experience is not only dangerous, but you could also damage your hot tub or injure yourself in the process.

Having a certified plumber and electrician ready to handle any wiring and piping issues that come up will make the installation painless and smooth.


Where to install the hot tub is more than just an aesthetic decision – although that certainly is an important factor!

The cost of running electricity and water increases the further the tub is from your house, and insulation requirements for a freestanding unit can be much higher.

Further, while they give much-desired privacy and beauty, consider whether any nearby trees or bushes will shed foliage and dirt into your tub, requiring constant cleaning and maintenance.

An outdoor gazebo can ensure your privacy while also keeping down the upkeep costs.


Make sure your tub will be well supported! Once loaded with water, they get incredibly heavy.

Just plopping it down “wherever” on your patio deck or in a spare room is a great way to have a huge hole and horrible cleanup and repair costs.

Ideally, you’ll want a 4” deep reinforced concrete base for outdoor tubs, and for indoor tubs, extra wooden joists installed under the baseboards.

Remember that your foundation will need to hold approximately 125 pounds per square foot!


For outdoor tubs, make sure you find a prime, easily accessible location to install for maximum convenience.

Especially in colder climates, you don’t want to have to dress up in heavy winter clothes just to reach your hot tub!

Soaking in bubbling hot water while snow gently falls around you is a blissful experience, but not if it involves a long shivering trek each time.


Whether you have a team helping or not, you’ll want to make sure the hot tub delivery goes smoothly.

Plan out your route well in advance to avoid struggling to wedge oversized parts through doorways, or having to lift heavy components over fences.

While you’re measuring and planning, make sure to write down the make, serial, dealer information, and other relevant details.

This will help make sure everything goes where it needs to be, and make future hot tube repairs and maintenance go much smoother.


Being prepared for your outdoor hot tub delivery is the difference between a relaxation device you’ll enjoy for decades and a frustrating device you’ll want to throw out.

If you need help, advice, or just want to talk to specialists who can anticipate any issues you’ll have, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or visit our showroom today.

Our friendly sales team is more than happy to help with all of your hot tub needs!

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